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Hey There! I'm Roshan

Hi, I'm Roshan. I'm a Developer and mostly like to code Discord Bots for everyone, with great and free features! I'm currently using free services to run all of my emails/bots/websites and others. I haven't got paid or donated ever. Please consider donating me, it will make me a much happy and more creative. Even a very small donation is a very big one for me. I code alone, but some of my friends of Discord help me in my bot as well as they suggest me good ideas to work through. I have already worked for some people who weren't giving money, but they give me smt else. Generally I get orders for making Discord Bot! I also like to make websites and host them!
I have a bot, with website, emails and api. Many of y'all would know about that. It's the one and only, SetupManager

My Skills

My Skills and Experiences

I'm a Web Developer and Discord Bot Developer. I generally code with JavaScript for Discord Bots and for websites, I code on HTML, CSS and JS I have a great experience on JavaScript and currently I'm Learning PHP and SQL. I like Gaming too. I also have my Youtube Channel

HTML 100%
CSS 75%
Javascript 90%
SQL 20%
PHP 25%

My Services

I make Discord Bots and Websites for very cheap. Free WebHosting by ME at: Also, I host Discord Bots an Websites on Powerful Services (We may charge extra if service is expensive) that has nearly about 0% Downtime You can Mail me for Prices. I will code Discord Bots in JS (JavaScript) and Websites with HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and JS (JavaScript)! And I will try to keep all the services in Latest Versions.

Discord Bots

Get yourself a custom Discord Bot with 3 days free hosting and 50% off on hosting for a month! We have alot of types of Discord bots!!

Web Development

Get yourself a custom website code, coded by me!! No hosting incuded!


Get your Discord Bot/Website to be hosted on powerful service. We give hosting for cheap, but a much features and no downtime!

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